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Innopha GmbH

Your partner for private label and contract manufacture in the animal sector

Innopha was established as a GmbH in Kaufering in 1989. In 1991, it moved its headquarters to Wadern. In 2005 the company moved into its new place of business in the Wadern-Lockweiler Industrial District. In 2020, it once again expanded its warehouse and production areas with a 2nd location in the Wadern Commercial Park.

Our quality policy

Our quality management system was introduced to give our customers and partners confidence in us, and demonstrate that our company processes were designed using the latest technology and innovation to meet and exceed high quality expectations for our products and services. This quality management system is compliant with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and was certified through an independent accredited body in 2006. At the same time we also introduced an internal HACCP management system.

+49 (0) 68 71 / 92 02 0

Highest quality from Innopha

Our corporate principles are summarised as follows:

  • The quality standards for our products and services are set by the requirements and expectations of our customers.
  • This means regular assessment on how well we are reaching our quality goals.
  • Our quality policy and quality objectives are communicated, understood, and assessed for relevance in all areas of our company.
  • We ensure high-quality performance through the use of preventive measures in our operational business.
  • Our quality management system is assessed according to the latest technological advances for continuous improvement.

Our corporate principles and quality objectives are continuously being adapted as part of ongoing improvements to our processes and services.


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