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Hoof care

For horses


Here you’ll find a selection of our hoof care products.

We are also happy to help you develop your own product.


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Frog care

This frog care product is used for acute frog problems and helps to protect the frog from harmful substances in bedding like ammon...

Hoof gel

The external application of hoof gel produces a lovely shine, nourishes, and repels dirt.

Hoof hardener

Hoof hardener helps harden and strengthen equine hoof horn. It helps both reduce natural abrasion of unshod hooves on different su...

Hoof oil

This hoof oil blend nourishes equine hooves naturally. It contains nourishing oils that strengthen the hooves, make them more elas...

Hoof ointment

Hoof ointment contains essential ingredients and essential oils for effective hoof care. Use daily to support healthy hoof structu...


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