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Coat care and skin care

For dogs, horses, chickens and cats


Here you’ll find a selection of our coat care and skin care products.

We are also happy to help you develop your own product.


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Aluminium spray

Aluminium spray is used to protect wounds. Its fine aluminium particles form a protective layer that keeps out bacteria and dirt b...

Anti-itch spray

Anti-itch spray provides fast relief from itching. Applied to affected areas, it gently soothes the skin.

Canine shampoo

High-quality shampoo for dogs. Cleans, softens and detangles fur. Recommended for dogs with skin problems and skin irritations. Th...

Coat and mane care spray

This coat and mane care spray provides high-quality care for equine coats, manes and tails. It detangles and makes manes and tails...

Dermatitis lotion

Dermatitis lotion is a special lotion with nettle, hypericum, and clove extracts to treat skin that is infected (especially in the...

Ear lotion

A gentle lotion for cleaning ears. Regular cleaning and care helps protect the ears from irritation and infection.

Ear mite oil

This oil can be used preventively or concomitantly with treatment for ear mites.  Ear mites can cause unbearable itching, which do...

Ear wash

Use this wash to clean the ear canal. Removes dirt and helps reduce inflammations.

Eczema lotion

This eczema lotion contains clove, juniper and lavender to help relieve skin irritations, itching or sweet itch. Its protective, r...

Eczema shampoo

A shampoo that gently cleans and nourishes. For skin prone to irritations and itching.

Eye wash

Use to clean and care for the eye area. Helps to remove dirt and prevent inflammation. 

Grey horse shampoo

Shampoo specially formulated for grey and light-coloured horses. Removes even stubborn stains for a clean bright look without chlo...

Mouth butter

Lubricates the bit. Apply to the bit or at the corners of the mouth.


This natural ointment provides fast relief from itching. Applied to affected areas, it gently soothes the skin.

Paw protection ointment

The skin-strengthening herbal extracts of this ointment help to keep the animal’s paws supple and protect them from external facto...


Our high-quality shampoos can be enhanced with diverse fragrances or dyes. They are also suitable for sensitive animals that suffe...

Skin care ointment

This ointment contains neem and is excellent for skin protection. It soothes and nourishes the skin and makes it supple. It also p...

Skin lotion

Skin lotion to protect the base of the mane, dock of the tail and skin. Also helps to alleviate itchy skin and dandruff. Nourishes...

Skin ointment

High-quality skin ointment based on the replenishing natural substances in Aloe vera. It nourishes the skin and protects it from i...

Spray shampoo

A practical shampoo suitable for daily use. Its spray foam can be applied directly to desired areas in dosed amounts. This spray s...

Zinc spray

Zinc spray is a spray-on skin protection ointment with zinc oxide to cover wounds and eczema. Zinc is essential for better and fas...


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