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Herbal mixes

For horses and dogs


Here you’ll find a selection of various herbal mixes.

We can also offer many others.


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Autumn herbal mix

This mix is specially formulated for use in autumn and helps the horse's organism prepare for winter.

Berry herbal mix

This mix of select, high-quality berries supplies the body with important nutrients like vitamin C.

Chromium herbal mix

A select herbal mix that supports sugar metabolism. With fenugreek, blueberry leaves, nettle, capsella, cinnamon

Dental care powder

This powder supports healthy oral hygiene and promotes healthy teeth and gums. A healthy mouth and throat are essential for a dog’...

Detox herbal liquid

A mix of nettle, milk thistle and dandelion to support metabolism. It has detoxifying and diuretic properties and supports liver a...

Fennel, caraway, aniseed herbal mix

Caraway, anise and fennel are herbs that support the gastrointestinal tract in the event of nutritional deficiencies.  They stimul...

Gut flora herbal mix

A balanced herbal mix for regulating the intestinal flora. With rosehip seeds, mugwort, walnut leaves, peppermint and thyme.

Herbal cough remedies

These are natural mixes of specially selected herbs that help to relieve congested airways and bronchial passages due to feed-rela...

Herbal mix for digestion

This herbal mix is specially formulated to regulate the entire equine gastrointestinal tract. It contains herbs that help relieve ...

Herbal mix for joints

This herbal mix for joints is a special blend to help with tendon and joint problems brought on by nutritional deficiencies. Its c...

Herbal mix for relaxation

This herbal mix is specially formulated to support animals in stressful situations. It can also be administered to horses that are...

Immunity herbal mix

A select herbal mix that supports the immune system. 

Kidney herbal mix

This herbal mix supports kidney function and promotes elimination naturally.

Liver herbal mix

This mix supports liver function and actively promotes regeneration of liver cells naturally.

Mare and stallion herbal mix

This herbal mix helps alleviate hormonal issues. It contains detoxifying herbs that help relieve hormonal problems.

Milk thistle-artichoke herbal mix

This thistle-artichoke herbal mix supports the regeneration of natural liver function in cases of nutritional deficiencies.

Nettle herbal mix

Nettle has positive effects on the skin and joints, and promotes blood circulation. Also rich in potassium, it supports kidney fun...

Psyllium-linseed herbal mix

A mix of psyllium and linseed to support the gut’s natural cleansing function and bring balance to the gut.

Root herbal mix

This herbal mix is formulated to help horses with joint problems. Willow bark and devil’s claw support equine movement.

Spring herbal mix

This mix is specially formulated for use during the spring months. It contains herbs that support metabolism and the gastrointesti...

Summer herbal mix

This mix is specially formulated for use during the summer. It contains herbs that support the skin during moulting. It also suppo...

Wellness herbal mix

This herbal mix boosts well-being and vitality in dogs.

Willow bark/meadowsweet herbal mix

Willow bark and meadowsweet have natural substances that support the musculoskeletal system. This combination helps to alleviate i...

Winter herbal mix

This mix is specially formulated for use during cold winter months. With select herbs that support metabolism, digestion and skin ...


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