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Private Label

  • Private label production of feed supplements and care products for horses, dogs, fowls and other animals
  • ISO 9001 certificat
  • GMP+ certificat

Private label and contract manufacture: Feed supplements and care products for horses, dogs, and chickens

Innopha GmbH is your partner for private label and contract manufacture. We have an extensive range of feed supplements and care products for horses, dogs, and chickens, as well as for other pets and farm animals. 

Private label customers benefit from our many years of experience in retail as well as from our comprehensive service. We assist and oversee all areas, from product development, contract manufacture, and procurement of raw materials to marketing and logistics.

To ensure consistent quality, we've implemented a quality management system that is compliant with DIN ES ISO 9001:2015. Our QM system has been reviewed by an independent, accredited body regularly since 2006. We have also introduced an internal HACCP management system, and we have recently been awarded GMP+ certification.  

Our corporate principles are designed to help improve quality as well:

  • The quality standards for our products and services are set by the requirements and expectations of our customers
  • This means regular assessment on how well we are reaching our quality goals
  • Our quality policy and quality objectives are communicated, understood, and assessed for relevance in all areas of our company
  • We ensure high-quality performance through the use of preventive measures integrated into our operational business
  • Our QM system is assessed according to the latest technological advances for continuous improvement

Our corporate principles and quality objectives are continuously being adapted as part of ongoing improvements to our processes and services.

More about our private-label services in feed supplements and care products for horses, dogs and chickens can be found below and on the following pages.                   

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