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Innopha Product Range

The INNOFOGGER is an automatic high-performance spray system developed for permanent installation in stables, rooms and open spaces. The battery-operated INNOFOGGER is equipped with a day/night sensor and, depending on its settings, will spray at four different intervals. The spray system can be filled with the products INNOSECT or INNOBREATH. To ensure the best possible results, the INNOFOGGER should be mounted at the highest point of the room. Depending on the conditions, the Fogger can cover an area of at least 40 m².
INNOSECT provides a natural protection against insects using plant extracts. The active ingredients provide a way to quickly and effectively fight off insects. INNOSECT is a purely natural solution that combats annoying insects at all times wherever you are. The active ingredients pyrethrum and geraniol are completely natural products and are extracted from different plants. They have always been used as insect repellents.
INNOBREATH is a eucalyptus-based indoor climate spray designed to improve the air quality in stables and indoor spaces.

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