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Carbon supplements for animals

CharLine carbon supplements for horses and dogs

CharLine carbon supplements are a vegetable carbon that supports the intestinal flora and detoxifies the organism. Due to its dense surface texture, the CharLine carbon supplements ensure that the organism receives a gentle cleaning. It is particularly advisable to flush out chemical remains from the body after receiving medication and vaccinations. For horses, it is enriched with sunflower oil and therefore also enhances the skin and coat. The carbon supplements for dogs are supplemented with salmon oil. Salmon oil is rich in omega fatty acids and promotes the dog's overall well-being.

The carbon supplements are made up of a combination of various, extremely high-quality and pure vegetable carbons. Each vegetable carbon undergoes a closely monitored and meticulous production process. This means that each vegetable carbon has different properties which, when combined, have a positive effect on the carbon pellets, turning them into a rich nutritional supplement.

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